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Our Story

Peter A. Harrigan, Ph. D. is CEO and founder of Interloc, Inc., a real estate development company located in Delray Beach, Florida.  We are also a property management company that manages rental units, and commercial office buildings along the east coast of the Unitsd States.

What We Offer

Partnering with INTERLOC assures you of working with trained professionals with decades worth of experience in construction and property management.

We Understand Requirements

We are familiar with the construction codes in various municipalities which assures accuracy and budget compliance.

We Work Precisely ​

All of our supervisors and many in our work crews have been with us since the beginning, some for over 30 years.

We Deliver Best Output​

From Concept to completion, we've done it all; experience is your best indicator for best results.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

From Concept to Completion, we do it all.