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INTERLOC, Inc. Real Estate Development Corporation is located in South Florida, with our main office located in Delray Beach, FL.  We specialize in the acquisition, renovation, and renting of commercial real estate and residential apartment buildings. We also do condo conversions; build town houses, and custom single family homes.


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We are now looking to expand. Capitalizing on the market changes, which have given many prudent investors great opportunity.  Contact us to discuss your project.

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From Concept to Completion

Whether your project involves new construction, renovating an existing structure, or selling a real estate holding, we stand ready to discuss your project with you, at no charge. 


We can assist with your architectural renderings.

Exterior Design​

Make your older structure look new again.

Increase Value

Increase the value of your property.

Landscape Design​

Work with our landscape designer.

Site Planning

Proper site planning iskewy to efficiency.

Interior Design​

Bring a modern look to your interior.

What Our Clients Say

Partnering with Interloc for your Real Estate Needs

"Pete and his team have always been prompt, professional, and easy to deal with, I highly recommend them."
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
"Interloc has been a good partner for us on several projects going back some 20 years. They've been around a long time and know the south Florida market very well."
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
"The Interloc team has always approached us with well thought out concepts, making the creation of drawings so much easier."
John Astor

Our Recent Projects

Below are some examples of our current projects